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(Edgeworthia chrysantha)
Bartram Trail

Skunk Hellebore
(Helleborus foetidus)
Entrance Perennial Garden

Witch Hazel
(Hamamelis virginiana)
J.H. Woodland Garden

Winter Aconite
(Eranthis hyemalis)
J.H. Woodland Garden


In February, the Spartanburg Herald-Journal featured Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve as one of five inexpensive getaways for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To read the article on goupstate.com, click here.
stone sign
Also in February, a granite sign was installed at the entrance where the paved entrance to the garden begins beside the Jess Taylor Pavilion.

Siberian Iris
(Iris sibirica)
Water Wise Garden

(Arisaema triphyllum)
J.H. Woodland Garden

Yellow Trillium
(Trillium leutum)
J.H. Woodland Garden

Reticulated Iris
(Iris reticulata)
J.H. Woodland Garden

new_equip_building New Equipment Building

Construction on the new equipment building began in front of the nursery. The larger building was planned to have a concrete pad floor with plenty of room to work on equipment inside as well as storage all of our tools and materials. A porch was built for volunteers to relax and rest. Funding for this project began with an anonymous gift from a generous benefactor. The old equipment building was demolished before Fall for Hatcher.
APRIL 15- 16
Spring Plant Sale

As always a great selection of trees, shrubs and perennials at our spring plant sale. The First African Violet Group coordinated their spring sale with ours.

Twilight in the Garden

Hatcher Garden named Newt Hardie and his Tree Coalition the "Barrie Bain Volunteer of the Year" at this year's Twilight in the Garden dinner and auction. Every Wednesday morning for the past couple of years, Newt and the Trees Coalition Volunteers have been coming to Hatcher Garden with a focus on removing ivy, privet, and wisteria. The Trees Coalition is an offshoot of the Kudzu Coalition, which started as Master Gardener community project to defend native trees and plants by ridding  the area of kudzu. For more information, see their website. Thank you Newt Hardie (pictured above with his wife holding an engraved brick) and the Trees Coalition for your dedication and hard work!


Cardinal flower
(Lobelia cardinalis)
Altrusa Native Plant Garden

Indian Pink
(Spigelia marilandica)
Altrusa Native Plant garden

Great Coneflower
(Rudbeckia 'Golda Emanis')
Water Wise Garden

Big Leaf Magnolia
(Magnolia macrophylla)
Thomas Bartram W.Trail

Healing at Hatcher

This annual event is coordinated with Spartanburg Regional Hospice to provide a special time for families to celebrate loved ones who have passed away.

The Big Leaf Magnolia Blooms!

Planted along the Bartram Trail 16 years ago, the Big Leaf Magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla) is blooming for the first time. This tree was discovered and catalogued by American naturalist John Bartram when he traveled throughout the Southeast United States back in the 1800's. Unlike other magnolias which keep their leaves during the winter, the big leaf magnolia is deciduous, dropping its leaves in anticipation of the winter cold. There are several of these trees located throughout the garden: near the office, the new switchback, and the Josephine Hatcher Woodland Garden. But this tree was mature enough to start blooming.

stone sign The Leveling of the
The Park

Immediately after this year's Twilight in the Garden, work began on the leveling of the front lawn of Hatcher Garden commonly known as The Park of Hatcher Garden. Fundraising for this purpose began at last year's Twilight in the Garden during the live auction. Years ago houses sat on this land and the surface was riddled with bumps. Twilight in the Garden takes place there every year under tents as well as our plant sales. The ground was graded and grass seed has been sown. New trees will eventually be planted in the space.
Apraxia Walk

Hatcher Garden was approached to host this walk. Childhood Apraxia is a motor speech disorder making it difficult to make sounds, syllables and words. It is not a physical muscular problem. The brain is failing to coordinate the muscles properly to permit speech. Hatcher Garden was happy to provide a location for this walk to raise money and awareness for this cause.


blue mist
Mist Flower
(Conoclinium coelestrinium)
J.H. Woodland Garden

(C. 'Hillside Sheffield Pink')
Water Wise Garden

Ivy Leafed Cyclamen
(Cyclamen hederifolium)
J.H. Woodland Garden

(Camellia japonica)
Near the Observation Deck

Drawing & Journaling with Helen Scott Correll

Helen Scott Correll, the author of Middlewood Journal: Drawing Inspiration from Nature, once again conducted a series of classes on journaling with adults. Focusing on drawing in nature, the Tuesday workshop sessions provided participants with the tools necessary to start journaling the world around them. The group explored Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve with their own journals. Ms. Correll continues to conduct classes on Tuesday. For more information about these continuing classes, click here.

Fall Plant Sale

We were fortunate to not be deluged with rain like last year. Our wide selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses straddled the paved path for easier selection.

Fall For Hatcher

Our annual Gourmet Garden Event featured gourmet hors d'oeuvres prepared by Spartanburg's favorite local chefs. This year's autumnal celebration had a live auction as well as the silent auction. Besides being on a Tuesday for the first time, also new this year was our Bon Appétit Award. Guests who voted for their favorite restaurant from the samples displayed. This year's winner was The Farmer's Table. Congratulations Joe and Lenora Sansbury (right) of the Farmer's Table!

clematis OCTOBER 27
Pumpkin Path

This year's Pumpkin Path had fun activities and trick-or-treating for children through 6th grade. While admission was free, children were encouraged to bring items that benefitted The Haven, a shelter for homeless familes. This year, Spartanburg Day School lent their support to our event.

Renovation of Corrie's Bridge
After suffering years of vandalism (vandals pulled out the beautiful natural slats of the bridge's railing), Corrie's Bridge was renovated. The railings were replaced and the whole structure was given a coat of red stain. Thank you to all involved in the renovation of this bridge, which was dedicated to former board member, Corrie Miller Whitlock with what is now called the stone patio.

Santa in the Garden

This was the eighth year we hosted Santa Claus as he took a break from making toys to visit with the children of the Spartanburg area. Children brought food items to Santa that he delivered to the Middle Tyger River Community Center food bank before he headed back to his North Pole Workshop. Amy Wojcik (pictured right with Santa) of Spartan Photo took pictures of the children with Santa.


map.jpg Yes! We have bananas!

For a couple of years banana plants have been growing but this is the first year we have had actual bananas growing on the plant. They were discovered when the plants were cut down for the winter. Planted several years ago in the perennial garden at the upper switchback, it has multiplied into several plants coming back year after year. The banana plant is a tropical plant which acts like a perennial in this area.

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