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Come enjoy a stroll through the garden and relax in the beauty of nature. Hatcher Garden provides the perfect backdrop for a picnic and is a great place to "unwind."

For The Enjoyment of All Our Visitors, Here is Some Rules and Information

GROUP TOURS - Led by one of our Hatcher Garden Volunteer Guides, group tours (especially school tours) are available upon request. Self-guided tours are always fun, with plenty of useful information posted along the trail and plants discreetly labeled.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Amateur photography is always welcome. Hatcher Garden is a wonderful location for photographs. There is a fee when the garden is used by Professional Photography services. Please see the guidelines. Thank you.

BEING FIT - Hatcher Garden is a great place to get exercise while you enjoy the beauty of the garden. Tonya Ray, Wellness Coordinator at Summit Hills, developed a program that will keep you fit in the garden. Download the pdf or check in the pavilion or the office for the program flyer.

PETS - Please keep your pets at home when you visit Hatcher Garden. This allows our wildlife (and other human visitors) to relax and enjoy their time in our garden. Some of our visitors come to Hatcher Garden to seek out quiet places especially in the Garden of Hope & Healing. Your understanding is appreciated.

ADMISSION - Free to the public. Donations help keep Hatcher Garden green and growing strong. A donation box is provided at the entrance to the garden. Donations are also accepted online. Thank you for your financial support.

WEDDINGS - People find the natural beauty of Hatcher Garden a wonderful place for a wedding. Scout out our various beautiful venues for your future wedding either online or in person.

Once you fall in love with Hatcher Garden (which won't take long), you may wish to consider becoming a Heart of Hatcher (as we call our volunteers) and/or becoming a member of Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve.

For more information, contact the Hatcher Garden Office at (864) 574-7724


While most plants have gone dormant for winter there are
a few gems that wait until
now to burst into bloom. Camellias are scattered throughout the garden. Hellebores can be found at
the entrance of the garden
as well as the area between the upper entrance of the Bartram Trail and the observation deck

Garden of Hope & Healing

near the Observation Deck

Paper Bush
near the duck pond

witch hazel
Witch Hazel 'Jelena'
Josephine Hatcher
Woodland Garden


Nothing says Spring like daffodils and there are plenty scattered throughout the garden. Spring finds all plants breaking forth with color and rapid growth, especially in the Josephine Hatcher Woodland Garden. Ephermerals like Jack-in-the-Pulpits, Trout Lilies, Trilliums and May Apple
flourish for a brief time here.

Daffodil (Narcissus)
below the upper pond

Armand Clematis
Corrie's Bridge

trout lily
Trout Lily
Josephine Hatcher
Woodland Garden

jack in the pulpit
Josephine Hatcher
Woodland Garden


The summer brings the fullness of flowering to the garden. Hostas can be found at the garden entrance and the Robert Lawrence Odom Hosta Friendship Garden where hundreds of varieties of hosta have been planted. Butterflies are attracted to the
Butterfly Garden and the perennial gardens.

Public Garden Banner
Indian Pink
Altrusa Native Plant Garden

Public Garden Banner
Robert Lawrence Odom
Hosta Friendship Garden

butterfly bush
Monarch on Butterfly Bush
Perennial Gardens

button bush
Perennial Gardens
Garden Entrance


With the arrival of autumn, nature brings out one final show of color in the changing foliage as well as the plants. Check out the Water Wise Demonstration Garden where drought tolerant plants are grown without the aid of additional watering.

blue fortune
Swallowtail on Agastache
Water Wise
Demonstration Garden

Perennial Gardens and
Water Wise Garden

Water Wise Garden and
Perennial Gardens

Autumn Joy Sedum
Water Wise
Demonstration Garden

NOTICE: While on the grounds at Hatcher Garden, you are under your own cognizance. Please be aware that you are in a natural setting and there are factors beyond our control. We cannot be responsible for falling limbs, acts of God, behavior of wild animals, etc. For your safety and the safety of our aquatic life, stay out of the water, streams and off the rocks. Please do not disturb the wildlife. Thank you for your responsible behavior.

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