Hatcher Garden is composed of several garden areas and rooms filled with beautiful and diverse plants. Come visit Hatcher Garden and enjoy the many special and diverse areas that our public garden offers. Below is a list of the gardens inside Hatcher Garden, some of them will lead you to their own separate pages.

see the bartram trail Established in 2010, the Bartram Trail is a paved path featuring plant specimens that revolutionary era botanists John Bartram and his son William found and identified during their trips to the interior South Carolina. Pictured left is a bottlebrush buckeye in bloom near the lower pond. To learn more and take a visual tour of the Bartram Trail, click here.
see the butterfly garden The Butterfly Garden was remodeled in 2009 with the addition of a brick terrace and a puddling station for the butterflies to get moisture. The garden is planted with flowering plants that are favorites of butterflies. Pictured left, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail gathers nectar from Blue Fortune Hyssop. For more information on the butterfly garden, click here.
See the Conifer Collection In the spring of 2013, the Conifer Collection was named an American Conifer Society Reference Garden, one of only 15 gardens in the Southeast to receive this designation. Our collection has over 100 specimens that surround the gazebo. To find out more about the conifer collection, click here.

See the Garden of Hope & Healing Dedicated in April 2011, the Garden of Hope & Healing is a place of tranquility and inspiration. The garden was established as a haven for those who are ill and their caretakers, having an arbor, a sand garden and a pavilion which is popular for weddings and gatherings. For more information about the Garden of Hope & Healing, click here.
See the Water Wise Garden In the space of the former perennial trial garden, this expanded formal garden demonstrates the flora that can tolerate our dry Southern summers without the aid of additional watering. An educational garden, many of these plants display different textures and colors you can add to own your garden. To learn more about this garden, click here.
hosta garden Even though hostas can be found all over the garden, the Robert Lawrence Odom Hosta Friendship Garden features over 250 hostas of different variegation and shades of green. Established in 2009, the garden was named after this hosta enthusiast who loved sharing these plants with his friends and neighbors.

woodland wildflowers
woodland garden As early as late February, this garden will start blooming (winter aconite, pictured left, is one of the first), reaching its climax in late April, taking advantage of the full sunlight which will eventually be filtered as the woodland trees above put forth their leaves. This garden was dedicated to Josephine Hatcher who loved woodland wildflowers.
Ericaceous Garden Most beautiful in the spring, the Walter Soderberg Ericaceous Garden is filled with azaleas and rhododendrons. Soderberg was one of the first people who helped Harold Hatcher develop an abandoned lot into the beautiful garden we have today.

altrusa garden
altrusa flower garden Dedicated in April 2015, the Altrusa Native Plant Garden is sandwiched between the Bartram Trail and the lower pond. Eastern Columbine, (pictured left), is one of the first to bloom in the spring in this educational garden. Altrusa International is a volunteer's group whose purpose is to improve their local community. To learn more about this garden, click here.

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