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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Boy Scout Troop 2 gave to HG......
On the first Saturday of the new year, Boy Scout Troop 2 braved the frigid below freezing temperatures to perform an Eagle Scout Project. They stained posts and boards, painted letters and dug holes for the posts. The signs were assembled and installed along the paved paths of Hatcher Garden. They spell out "Hatcher Garden." Plants that share the same first letter of the signs will be planted at the base of the posts later this year. Can you spot them all? They start with the letter "H" which can be found in the perennial gardens and follow the paved paths. The signs continue through the Garden of Hope & Healing and on to the new Mary Black Foundation Trail, then onto the Thomas W. Bartram Trail and back onto the regular paved path.

Can you find them all? Some are close to the paved path, others are not.


The year opened with frigid temperatures as an arctic blast settled on the Upstate during the first week of January. The cold temperatures caused our ponds to freeze over and create beautiful ice sculptures.

Available Now!
The 2017 Hatcher Garden Note Cards

Perched on a branch near the Pavilion in the Garden of Hope & Healing, a female cardinal is the star of this year's Hatcher Garden Christmas card. Overcast, snow flurries softly fall to add a fresh layer to the ground. These cards are blank inside for personal messages from thank you notes or correspondence. Christmas cards are still available for purchase and Giclee prints are avaiable upon request. Come by the office and pick up yours or order online by clicking here!

map.jpg A Big Thank You!

This year Santa brought the snow with him! Santa and Mrs. Claus wants to thank all the children who came out to see them and brought food items for the less fortunate familes that rely on Middle Tyger Community Center food pantry. Santa especially wants to thank Spartan Photo for generously taking pictures of the children with him. They are definitely ALL on the Nice List!


NBC News recently had a story on ecotherapy, where a doctor prescribed taking a walk in nature instead of pills to deal with some cases of anxiety and depression. Ecotherapy combines nature walks with therapy sessions and simple exercises. Patients are instructed to focus on three key elements:
   - The sounds of chirping birds
   - The visuals of trees and leaves
   - The sound of streams or rivers
Hatcher Garden has all these things! Come take a walk in Hatcher Garden especailly in these stressful holidays! To see more information on the NBC News story, click here.

Pictured above, students from USC Upstate Spartans Freshmen 101 class on November 4 helped take down and remove the banana plants near the entrance. It is important to take the plants down before the first frost which will turn to blackened mush just like banana fruit. Like last year, small bananas were found growing with a flower head (lower right). If our growing season were longer, they would mature. Being a perennial, the plant will rise from the roots in the spring.

Late October Storm Damage
On Monday, October 23, Spartanburg County experienced severe storms and tornadic activity. Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve was not spared the storm's fury. Eight trees, some of them older noble trees, were toppled over by the storm's high winds. Limbs torn off of other trees and shrubs. Pines, maples, sweetgums and oaks were brought down, blocking paths and even causing one of the paved paths to crack and be pushed up because the one tree's roots lay underneath. Even the newly paved paths experienced fallen trees and were blocked off for the safety of our visitors. Even though some trees were cleared for the our Halloween event, the Pumpkin Path, clean up still continues.

Hatcher Garden Coloring Pages

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is now offering coloring pages for you to download and color. They are fun to color and and provide some fun facts as well. Currently there are eight pages with more to be added over the next couple months. Click here to access the page to download the pages as well as see pictures as a reference. Pages are also available at the Jess Taylor Pavilion.



Week of January 15 - 19

Monday - Friday - General maintenance of the garden

9:00 am. - 12:00 Noon and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Meet Dan and Peggy at the pavilion, beside the parking lot, to find out what needs to be done. No experience necessary. Dan will always have plenty for us to do. We do a wide range of tasks including propagating, planting, mulching,and weeding. Become one of the Hearts of Hatcher!

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS with the veteran Hatcher Volunteers (Hearts of Hatcher)
9:00 a.m. - Noon

Many of our "veteran" volunteers originally gathered on Thursdays to work in the garden. Some have over 10 years experience! Now a group of our veterans come on Tuesdays as well. Come join in the work and fellowship with the great folks who help to make the Garden grow!

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