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New Picnic Tables

Ericaceous Collection Entrance

Pictured Right: In May 2017, Hatcher Garden was named Best Local Tourist Attraction by The Herald Journal/'s Best of the Best, which is Spartanburg's People's Choice Awards. Thank you for all those who voted!

New Paved Paths

The first week of August saw the paving of paths in Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve after weeks of clearing and ground work. This almost doubles the amount of walking/
exercise paths in the garden. One path starts at the Garden of Hope & Healing and goes behind the turtle pond and meets up with the current paved path. Another path starts there and goes around the new acquired addition to Hatcher Garden crosses over The Bartram Trail meanders across the original paved path and comes out near Corrie's Bridge. Come enjoy walking these new paths!

Hatcher Garden Coloring Pages

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is now offering coloring pages for you to download and color. They are fun to color and and provide some fun facts as well. Currently there are four pages with more to be added over the next couple months. Click here to access the page to download the pages as well as see pictures as a reference. Pages are also available at the Jess Taylor Pavilion.

New Wall on the Bartram Trail

Among the new construction in the garden is a new stone wall located across from the Altrusa Native Plant Garden on the Bartram Trail.

Hatcher Garden in Spartanburg Magazine
Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve was fortunate to be featured in the 2017 Summer issue of Spartanburg Magazine. Our beautiful local garden attracts visitors from Georgia and North Carolina. One slight indentification correction needs to be noted. The top picture on page 58 is identified as Virginia Bluebell. Actually, it is called English or Common Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta), pictured top right here. Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica), pictured bottom right, starts blooming a couple of weeks before the English Bluebell, same last name but no relation. The Virginia Bluebell buds start purplish pink and turn blue when they open.

Dedication of the Garden of Hope & Healing Arbor

On a warm spring-like Sunday, family and friends gathered to dedicate the Arbor in the Garden of Hope & Healing to those who live with Type 1 Diabetes. March 6th marked the 50th anniversary of the diagnosis of former Volunteer of the Year Dr. Sammy Gabriel with type 1 diabetes. Executive Director Robin Vollmer introduced Sammy who started volunteering at Hatcher Garden in 2008 and was named the Barrie Bain Volunteer of the Year in 2013. That same year, Sammy started wearing the Fit Bit and has since accummulated 7400 miles at Hatcher Garden. Recognized for his social media savvyness, Sammy was put in charge of Hatcher Garden's Facebook page. Sammy has mulched, planted and weeded the gardens as well as blown debris off the paths weekly. He has helped with the past 16 plant sales. Sammy is also responsible for finding a paver extractor to help lift the heavy 14" Garden of Hope & Healing Pavilion pavers. It has been said that when Sammy is not bleeding and sweating, he is not working. Cindy, Sammy's wife, spoke next about living with a diabetic, considering herself a Type 3 Diabetic. Sammy spoke of his love of and the pride he takes in Hatcher Garden. Refreshments were enjoyed after the dedication. The slogan is "Never Lose Hope."

A crowd gathered at the Arbor.

Sammy speaks with the gathered group.

Sammy and his wife, Cindy, with the dedication plaque.

Socializing at the Arbor.

The wonderful spread at the reception. The brownies and lemon cookies were particularly delicious!

New Picnic Tables and Bat Houses
A very speciaL thank you to Scout Troop 3 Sr. Patrol Leader Jason Strum and assisting Scouts of Troop 3 from Nazareth Presbyterian Church for building and donating three picnic tables and three Bat houses to Hatcher Garden.
Xmas card
Two picnic tables near the Water Wise Demonstration Garden.
Xmas card
One picnic table on the Observation Deck overlooking the Lower Pond.

New Entrance to
the Ericaceous Collection

The Walter Soderberg Ericaceous Collection has been a hidden treasure, a collection of shrubs sitting unnoticed a few yards off of the paved path. The garden is most visible in the spring, when the azaleas and rhododendrons bloom (a few bloom in the fall). A new path was built off of the Thomas W. Bartram Trail with the addition of a granite legacy bench set up to bring more visitors to this beautiful spot in the garden. A large stone acts as one of the supports of the granite bench. Visitors can pause a moment and enjoy the garden from the bench.

The bench uses a large stone to support it.
The beginning of the path leading up to the bench.

The bench looking toward the collection.

Renovation of Corrie's Bridge
After suffering years of vandalism (vandals pulled out the beautiful natural slats of the bridge's railing), Corrie's Bridge was renovated. The torn down and totally rebuilt and the whole structure was given a coat of red stain. The spring blooming clematis was reattachd, providing natural shade. Thank you to all involved in the renovation of this bridge, dedicated to a former board member.



Week of August 21 - 26
Monday - Total Eclipse crosses South Carolina - Here at Hatcher Garden is not total - so be careful!
Tuesday - Friday - General maintenance of the garden

9:00 am. - 12:00 Noon and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Meet Dan and Peggy at the pavilion, beside the parking lot, to find out what needs to be done. No experience necessary. Dan will always have plenty for us to do. We do a wide range of tasks including propagating, planting, mulching,and weeding. Become one of the Hearts of Hatcher!

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS with the veteran Hatcher Volunteers (Hearts of Hatcher)
9:00 a.m. - Noon

Many of our "veteran" volunteers originally gathered on Thursdays to work in the garden. Some have over 10 years experience! Now a group of our veterans come on Tuesdays as well. Come join in the work and fellowship with the great folks who help to make the Garden grow!


Pictured above, students from VCOM (Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine) volunteered on Saturday, June 3rd. They stained the bridge crossing the creek that empties into the bald cypress pond and placed sand under the bricks in the Terrace in the Garden of Hope & Healing to level the surface.

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