Summer Blooms Big and Small

Summertime features the many popular varieties of hydrangeas as well as brilliant daylilies (above right) and butterfly favorites like the coneflower (above left). The Water Wise Demonstration Garden features plants that can handle drought conditions including the Purple Coneflower (see box right). For everyone's enjoyment, please don't pick the flowers!

Photographs by David Zielinski, webmaster.


WHAT: Purple Coneflower (Echinacea 'Magnus')

WHEN: May thru September

Water Wise Demonstration Garden

Coneflowers come in different varieties, this purple one is popular with butterflies. This drought resistant flower can grow to about three feet tall. There is a coloring page of the purple coneflower available for download.

*If you are interested in photographing these flowers for nonprofessional use, please don't lay in the garden beds. You may crush emerging flowers. AND please don't pick the flowers! We want everyone to enjoy the flowers. Thank you!

Come join us in the Garden and see these beautiful plants in person!

Some plant names are trademarked and/or patented by their respective cultivars.
Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve respects all copyrights, trademarks and patents and purchase these plants only from licensed sources.


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